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Hi! I am Myles and this my webpage. I made this blog as a project for Kingston Writing, --an English as a 2nd Language and Web Development course. If you would like to contact me, look for the contact form found on this site. Below is my Resume, along with some examples of sites and articles I've posted before.

Graduated with distinction from KZU
13 years of article marketing experience (specifically intended for Internet based audiences)
4 years of web design experience.
Committed, team player professional with a taste for information.

Employment Experience.
Kingston Writing,2011 - Present
Team Leader
In control of forming a international group of writers to match a specialized set of growth objectives and goals.
- Create cutting edge records for end result, growing production by 25% worldwide
- Accurately controlled ongoing logs of task distribution
- Monitored QA for worldwide development over a large group of writers

Self Employed Wordpress Website Designer

Additional Skills
Proficient in Mandarin
Exceptional knowledge utilizing numerous choice of office software

Samples of my work:

Online Payroll Calculator

Aside from taking the basic salary and multiplying it to the number of hours or days, employers also have to configure the tax deductions and other subtractions or additions to the amount. Sure, employers can do this task by themselves but without the expertise, it would take so much of their time. With the recent technological advancements today and the introduction of... More on this page..

Cheap Photo Books

Holiday getaway pictures should be organized based on the time they were taken. You can add theme based on the places you visited and document the things you like about... More on this site..

Birthday Cards Free

Unfortunately for those who live miles apart, it’s hard to get yourself an expensive plane ticket and fly across a different continent just to celebrate a birthday. Don’t... Find out more...

Cartoon Characters

You will be surprised to see some of these and you will no doubt figure out the reasons these were banned from modern television syndication runs.  Where the cartoon characters themselves have changed really can be noticed not just with technology but with the storylines. The best example of cartoon characters staying modern and dealing with modern issues would be the long running and most successful cartoon show in history, The Simpsons. The Simpsons in many episodes dealt with... More on this site..

Free Christmas Ecards

Being with your loved ones during Christmas is perhaps one of the most joyful moments in your life. Nothing feels greater than celebrating the birth of Christ with them. However, being... Read more..

Birthday Greeting Cards

family, friends, etc.). The day is made even more special by the gifts received from loving and caring people. Birthday gifts come in a wide variety of forms such as bracelet, necklace and the like. Perhaps, one of the greatest gifts... Source..

Greeting Cards

It is better that you make your own card so that the receiver will be glad that you really applied effort to what you have done. Commonly, greeting cards express love, apologies, thanks and other sentiments.It is usually given during Christmas and other Holidays season and also during birthdays. It is described as a piece of think paper folded in the papers middle part and have dedications and letters in it. There are six types of greeting cards. These are... Read more..

Greetings Cards

Giving presents on birthdays or holiday season is always appreciated by recipients. As what most people will say it is the thought and effort that counts the most and not the monetary value of the gift given. Thoughtfulness is usually expressed through giving gifts or any material which symbolizes the thought that one... To read more click here...

Birthday Card

These are the cards that are folded in the middle and have a picture in the front and a short message on the page inside. The inside usually has ample space for... Click here to read more..

Happy Birthday Cards

There are many ways to wish someone happy birthday but the most meaningful is a humble happy birthday card that has not lost its popularity... Find out more...

Printable Birthday Cards

There are different designs and themes for you to choosefrom. For a kid’s birthday, you can choose to go with a cartoon design of some sort. There are thousands of designs on a lot of different sites that you can browse through your internet. Printable birthday cards are better than those sold at stores and shop because with the printable ones, you can choose a... To read more click here...

Rustic Wedding Invitations

For a plain decoration, simply wrap some few raffia fibers around an invitation then tie it. Another alternative is to... Click here to continue..

Valentines Day Ideas

You need to make sure that she will love the ambience of the place so that she will be comfortable to dine with you all through the night. A candle- lit dinner is very romantic for both lovers. Why not treat your partner to a movie date? In February, the Month of Love, most of the movies showing in cinemas are romantic love... Find out more...

Wedding Fonts

It doesn’t mean that because it’s a do-it-yourself (DIY) invitation card using the free of charge fonts available, the group of texts may look lousy. With the wide choices to choose from some of the websites offering fonts for free, the chosen font must be surely equally elegant and formal as the commercial fonts offered in the market today. It is proven and tested already as there are many couples as well as printing institutions that had used... More on this page..

Wedding Invitations

Indeed, the appearance of your invitation says a lot about the couple and that piece of paper should not be disregarded because it is a memento of one of the grandest moments that could happen in your lifetime unless of course if you live in a country that has embraced, welcomed and legalized divorce then the invitations can be made more than just once in your lifetime. Notice how with each invitation... More on this site..

Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

The big day is set and the wheels of planning the wedding are rolling along at a rapid pace. There is so much work that goes into planning a wedding. Whether a small gathering of friends or a large spectacular party, details such as wedding invitations must be ironed out several months before the big day.   Most commercial print operations will have set designs for wedding invitations that you can choose from. These commercial printers... Click here to read more..

Wedding RSVP Wording

Your wedding day is very near and it’s time to send out the wedding invitations. In doing so, it is advisable to have an RSVP card, whether... Continue reading..

Chat Rooms For Kids

There are chat rooms for kids that have security measures in their software like automatic shut off when obscene language is used and live monitors too. Language... Click here to read more..